Hipsterzy w lustrze dekadentów

  1. Dariusz Piechota



Hipsters in adecadent mirror

In this article the author focuses on similarties and differences between hipsters and deca­dents. The members of these subcultures have many things in common. Firstly, they do not accept bourgeois culture; they criticize their lifestyle which is strictly connected with mass consumption. Secondly, they want to create their lives as amasterpiece. That is why, they mainly focus on art; they attend to many art openings where they may meet e.g. famous painters. Thirdly, they are pessimistic about their future. They believe that the war or mass destruction is inevitable. Sometimes they suffer from depression and melancholy.What is more, their original image is very crucial in their existence. Looking for original clothes is akind of rebellion against typical dress code for townspeople. Howe­ver, there is one difference between hipsters and decadents. Hipsters are more active as far as we talk about art. They are not passive as decadents; they make an attempt to create something unique in art.


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Prace Literackie

56, 2016

Pages from 103 to 112

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