Motywy maryjne w twórczości Zygmunta Szczęsnego Felińskiego

  1. Ewelina Giżka



Marian themes in works of Zygmunt Szczęsny Feliński

The purpose of this article is to present the Marian motifs appearing in works of Zygmunt Szczęsny Feliński (1822–1895) — son of exiled to Siberia mother, astudent of mathematics in Mos­cow, archbishop of Warsaw, a patriot. On the basis of analysis of: Nowy wianuszek majowy z tajem­nic życia Maryi przez arcybiskupa Szczęsnego Felińskiego na Jej cześć uwity, poems published in magazines (Prośba o natchnienie, Miesiąc maj, Tęcza), Oskar and Wanda and Prakseda, which content alludes to romantic poetic novel, the following ideas of Feliński are highlighted and dis­cussed as follows: verse life of the Virgin Mary, the legend of the miraculous defense of Poczajów, painter creating his artistic work with the figure of Mary, pictures which operates in the ,,presented world” of the individual works with the image of the Virgin Mary, the symbolism of blessed flowers (lily, rose, violet), person playing the lyre proclaiming the honor of the Mother of God, Queen of Polish, prayer of heroes, the praise of the month of May combining an idyllic descriptions of nature with religious values and admiring the sculptures. This article describes creative output of Feliński dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It reveals personal piety of archbishop and emphasizes enormous con­tribution of the achievements of the author in the development of Marian issue in Polish literature.


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Prace Literackie

56, 2016

Pages from 51 to 69

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