Wojenne reportaże Micińskiego z  roku 1917

  1. Tadeusz Linkner


Myciński’s wartime reportage from 1917

We know very little about the last few years of Tadeusz Miciński’s life and work. This is a consequence of the turbulent time of the First Wold War, to which the poet by no means remained indifferent.
Miciński spent that time in the Polesie region and in Moscow, serving as a political officer in Józef Dowbor Muśnicki’s 1st Corps, where his tasks included writing for frontline newspapers. In the second half of 1917 he reported from the frontline and his reports were published in Polskie Siły Zbrojne [Polish Armed Forces]. And this is what the article is all about. It contains information about reportage published in the paper as well as the article “Belshazzarian phantom of Russia”. Although this is typical soldier reportage, there are clear historiosophical ideas by Miciński. It concludes with the Poem Z obozu [From the camp], one of the writer’s last pieces.

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Prace Literackie

55, 2015

Pages from 153 to 167

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