Edycje i struktura "Ogrodu, ale nie plewionego" Wacława Potockiego

  1. Andrzej Borkowski ORCiD: 0000-0002-7980-9835


Edition and structure of Ogród, ale nie plewiony [A Garden, But not Weeded] by Wacław Potocki


The article examines complicated philological issues in a collection of epigrams written by Wacław Potocki, a baroque poet. The analysis refers mainly to editorial problems and the structure of the set. The author uses fundamental works of the publishers of the volume, Aleksander Brückner and Leszek Kukulski, trying at the same time to look critically at some of the editorial decisions. It is important to remember that the latest edition does not include all poems or their fragments which were published in 1907. Some of the texts were included in fragments only, and in order to study them one has to refer to the pre-war edition. Research has demonstrated that the structure of A Garden is unique and significantly different from that of typical works of this kind.

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Prace Literackie

50, 2010

Pages from 15 to 25

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