Wśród wielkich i małych tematów — z badań Profesora Bogdana Zakrzewskiego nad romantyzmem

  1. Aldona Senczkowska


In the midst of great and minor themes — Professor Bogdan Zakrzewski’s research into Romantic literature

Professor Bogdan Zakrzewski was a scholar who studied the literature of the Romantic period. He contributed to the discovery and revision of many facts concerning the lives and works of various lesser-known poets and writers who had nevertheless participated in the construction of what we now call “Romantic literature.” As a literary critic, Professor Zakrzewski evaluated their work from many different perspectives, never refraining from criticism if he believed it was necessary. His research into national Romanticism was so wide-ranging that it is not possible to examine all his works in one article. As a result of his achievements, this aspect of Romantic literature has become a popular field of research. Professor Zakrzewski was particularly interested in the revolutionary literature of the period. His work focussed chiefly on the works of writers like Teofil Lenartowicz, Gustaw Ehrenberg, Edward Dembowski, Ryszard Berwiński and Roman Zmorski.

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Prace Literackie

53, 2013

Pages from 153 to 160

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